We are not your usual gym! We pride ourselves on customer interaction, promotion of health being our number one motivation and most of all; community.

As a local business we believe that positive community relationships are essential to creating the most positive environment for change.

Yes, we are a gym. But first we are real people, we care about change. Our staff are educated to a high level in their respected health and fitness fields to ensure you get the best service, most relevant to your needs and as cost effective as possible.

We are City Gym, Welcome 😀

(01323) 648 863 2 Furness Road, BN21 4EY Opening Times
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Whey Protein
Complex 100%


Whey Protein Complex 100% - Is an Olimp Sport Nutrition branded protein supplement intended for people with increased protein demand, striving to develop muscular mass. A dietary supplement recommended especially for physically active, amateur and professional athletes.

Recipe Books


Exclusive access to recipe books from The Rasta Viking. Integration with My Fitness Pal's barcode scanning technology complete with detailed macronutrient breakdown.

Guide To


What are calories? Are they all created equally? What is energy and nutrient density? What is an energy balance? What the hell do these food labels mean? - If you would like to know the answers to these questions, you will find them here!